Join the team
Delivery KPG
We are looking for talented and ambitious individuals who are ready to work in a team and take on challenges, so if you are one of them, join us today!
Benefits of working
in the Delivery KPG team:
  • Bonuses for referring new employees
    Provides rewards for company employees for referring candidates to open positions.
  • Bonuses for achieving the plan and achieving KPI
    Provides a bonus to an employee's salary for achieving or exceeding set goals and performance indicators.
  • Corporate training and workshops to develop skills
    Conducting training events for company employees aimed at developing and improving their professional skills.
  • Cozy office in the center of the island with free coffee
    Working in a cozy office helps to create comfortable working conditions for employees, increases their motivation, and contributes to strengthening team spirit.
  • A team of highly qualified professionals
    We work with highly qualified professionals in various fields. This allows us to improve efficiency and quality, enhance the company's reputation, and attract new customers and partners.
  • Flexible working hours and partial remote work
    We allow employees to choose a convenient time and place of work based on their individual needs and circumstances.
Delivery KPG is hiring: